Catherine Winburn May 30, 2024

Apples & Oranges

"That ole' saying "You get what you pay for," stand true to this day. Being new to the area, not knowing a great deal about fencing or who to call to do the job I started my search, all the while thinking, "How hard can it be a board and a nail," right? I am financially conservative and like to save money where and when I can, it takes a long time to earn it, so I'm very careful about spending it. After getting 4 bids on my home fencing project, I have horses so I wanted to protect and keep them secure in my property, plus I like the esthetics of a well built fence. I interviewed all of the 4 companies and after asking many, many questions chose PGE Fencing, here's why. #1. Bonded, licensed and insured #2. Decades of experience #3. Excellent references from multiple past-clients #4. Local proprietor taking personal interest in small and large jobs #5. Reliable, trustworthy and shows up on time! #6. Stands behind their work #7. Doesn't cut corners buying inferior wood, screws, hardware #8. Never bad-mouth the competitors (who mostly weren't licensed but cheaper and fly-by-night employees) I didn't want people that hadn't been screened on my property #9. Polite, courteous and knowledgeable in all aspects of fencing and electric gates (which he installed). #10. Bottom line, this company has "Old Fashioned Work Ethics," hard to find these days. Philip and his crew have done multiple jobs for me over the past 3 years and while I'm small potatoes on the larger business scale they've made me feel like I'm a valued customer. We've had others try to low-ball his bids and when you compare 'apples to apples' PGE Fencing bakes the best pie, so to speak. Thanks for reading as I normally don't take time to comment but a job well done should be shared with people that are in the dark like I was. "
Catherine Winburn May 30, 2024


"I'm a conscientious spender, some would call me a 'cheapskate," I prefer "tightwad." With that said, I got 4 bids for my home fencing, I have horses and have a wealth of knowledge about them but nothing about fencing, until I got educated the past 3 years. Suffice it to say there were a lot of questions that got answered before I selected PGE Fencing. They're licensed, ensured, have a reliable, dependable crew that shows up on time (image that these days, hard working people). They put in fencing around my property, installed electric gates and built my horse stalls too boot. Who would think to ask, "What type of screws fencing companies use, or the quality of boards used, etc...,." When you compare apples to apples PGE Fencing makes the best apple pie around. On top of being a tightwad, I'm picky and appreciate this company being more picky than me about their end product, quality backed up with a guarantee that you get what you paid for. Their name should be, "A cut above," if you go cheap, as they say, "You get what you paid for.""
Leslie Deakins March 14, 2024

2024-03-14 | 13:30:07

"Philip and his crew are the best! Very professional and you get what you pay for! We are super happy with our fencing and automatic gate install."
Krista Farnes March 14, 2024

2024-03-14 | 13:30:06

"PGE fencing gave me a very reasonable price and came through with excellent quality work. Their men were very respectful and paid attention to detail. PGE also was the most responsive to my inquiries and had the fastest turn around by far. No dogs or kids will be escaping my yard!"
Steven Wheeler March 14, 2024

2024-03-14 | 13:30:05

"PGE is a company I will recommend to anyone needing fencing. They are conscientious about their work and provide a high quality product."
steven mathews March 14, 2024

2024-03-14 | 13:30:04

"Fantastic business very friendly people very"